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How can I reserve any Retro-tainment?

All retro-tainment is available on a first come first served basis. Check in at the Cage as you enter to see what’s available. All venue areas and entertainment can be booked out privately in advance. To book a private event in our activity areas, go to our Event page to submit an Event Lead with an Event Sales Manager.

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How much does Retro-tainment cost?

We have free and rentable activities in each venue! Retro-tainment details are on the Locations page.

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I just want to play pinball / arcade, how to I do that?

Head to the Card Kiosk beside the Cage and purchase a gaming card via credit / debit card transaction. These cards can be reloaded as often as you like.

Food & Beverage

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How can I order food and beverages within the venue?

We have multiple ways for you to order.

  • Speak with a Bartender or Server who can start a tab and process an order for you.
  • Via Order & Pay at your table by scanning the table QR code, start your tab, create your order, enter in your payment details, press send and your goods will be delivered to your table. You can add to the tab you created, transfer it to a server, or close out whenever you want.
  • Online Ordering, for takeout or delivery, via the link Here or scan a QR code in-venue. *Delivery is through a 3rd party.
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Do you only serve alcoholic drinks?

While we have a comprehensive draft and liquor portfolio, we do have curated “Free Spirit” drinks for those who choose not to have alcohol.

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How do you present your delicious street food?

We’re trying to be as sustainable where possible. All our dishes are served in sturdy compostable biodegradable containers. If you need a lid (compostable too!) to take away your food, our team will gladly get one for you.

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How do we know what’s in the Draft lineup?

We have a train station ticker display listing what is on each handle. We try and update the line up on a weekly basis to keep up with seasonal trends and new products coming out from our local breweries.


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Do you take lane reservations?

We do not offer lane reservations. Our lanes are available as a first-come first-serve basis for our walk-in guests. If you would like to reserve lanes for your group, please complete our events request form and our Event Sales Team will contact you. Group lane reservations/events are for 2 hours with a minimum of 2 lanes per event. A group reservation/event will also require a minimum food and beverage spend, which varies depending on the event details.

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Do you have a private party rooms I can book?

We do offer full venue buyouts for those groups who are large enough and require the entire space, however, the majority of our events are semi-private. They are booked within a reserved area of the venue and provide your guests with an area to gather.

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Can we reserve games?

The retro-tainment available in the space you have reserved is exclusive to you and your group. If you wish to have exclusive use of other gaming options, then you will need to reserve additional space where that retro-tainment resides for your event. If you do not wish to choose that option, then additional gaming is available on a first-come first-served basis, however, the other gaming options could be booked by another event client or walk-in guests. Please discuss all possible options and needs with the Event Sales team.

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My event requires a minimum food and beverage spend. How does that work?

Your food and beverage minimum is the minimum amount that you will be charged to cover the expense of exclusively hosting your event within the requested designated areas, which can be met through the purchase of various beverages and food packages. If you and your guests consume less than your required minimum food and beverage spend the remaining balance will be charged as an event fee. If your guests consume more, then you will pay the minimum plus the difference. For example, if your required minimum spend is $500 and the final invoice at the end of the event totals $400. You will be charged $400 in food and beverage plus a $100 event fee. If your final invoice at the end of the event is $600 you will be charged a total of $600 in food and beverage and you will not incur any event fees.

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What's the space like?

Our space is really awesome! We offer tons of retro-tainment like duckpin bowling, foosball, table shuffleboard, bocce ball, pinball machines, arcade games and a variety of yard games and board games; oh, and did we mention 3 large outside fire pits and a vintage interactive photo booth!? In addition, we offer the perfect rotation of craft beers, draft batch cocktails, and delicious “Free Spirit” non-alcoholic beverages and to top it all off, elevated Latin Street Food! Reserved event areas will offer a mix of seating and standing room, as we encourage and expect our guests to play, eat, drink and socialize!


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Do you take cash?

We prefer contactless payments with debit/credit/gift cards. This keeps our team and guests safe from increase contacts and speeds up transactions. However, in the highly unlikely event you only have cash, you can purchase a Shorty’s Gift Card for cash at the Cage only. Shorty’s Gift Cards are also available for online purchase via this Link

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Do you have any age restrictions?

Our venues are open to all, but we are strictly 21+ after 8pm. Depending on certain game day volume, we may choose to enforce a zero under 21 policy and ID all Guests at the door, for the entirety of that day’s hours of operation. Please check our social media channels (ShortysXSocial) for updates.

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Do you take table reservations?

No, we do not. Our seating is a first come first seated basis. During busier periods, our Cage Hosts will coordinate seating in order to maximize Guest experience. All venue areas and entertainment can be booked out privately in advance. To book a private event in our activity areas, go to our Event page to submit an Event Lead with an Event Sales Manager.

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What’s your background music style?

Shorty was an eclectic fella, so we have something for everyone. Rock classics to present day hits with some odd ones thrown in for good measure.

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